Girl went on 4 days digital detox and here’s what she learnt…

YouTube user Clisare went on a 4 day digital detox and documented it while she was offline. Check it out down below.


You must turn off all data and wifi on your phone
You must not use the internet whatsoever (including apps that use the internet) for 4.5 days straight.
You must not warn any internet friends/followers/subscribers that you are doing it. You must just disappear with no explanation.
You must make a video documenting your progress and documenting your return to the internet at the end of the challenge – did anyone notice you were gone?

So what insight did she found?

‘I felt isolated as I cannot share what I was feeling on Twitter’

‘It gets a bit lonely, weirdly.’

‘I need someone to know I’m doing this’

‘A weight has be lifted from checking Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Instagram and Vine’

It is interesting to see her transformation from start to finish. Her emotions when internet-banned (full of misery, boredom and constant whining) clearly depicts what a modern person would possibly go through when Internet is cut down. That is exactly why we need to balance out our priorities on the Internet space to avoid being reliant on its powers!


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