Young boys off to boot-camp style rehabilitation centres in China

Check out this video where Chinese boys are sent off to boot-camp style rehabilitation centres to combat Internet addictions.

In 2008 China declared Internet addiction to be a clinical disorder. Teenagers are sent off to the rehabilitation centre in Beijing for three to four months, therapy includes drilling and other treatments. Parents are also encouraged to stay at the camp to enhance effectiveness of the treatment.

The addiction specialist at the rehabilitation centre pointed out that the biggest issue these young adults face is loneliness. He explained to parents their children look for companionship on the Internet when it is not feasible in real life.

Do you think these boot-camp style therapies work? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Young boys off to boot-camp style rehabilitation centres in China

  1. It is very interesting that china has a such thing to prevent people away from internet. and it is kind of stupid that people need to pay for it to get rid of internet. I mean why people should suffer from all this and we are living in a digital life right now? Internet addiction is such a huge ongoing social issue now and how can we balance our offline life and online life, is such a long way to go!


  2. I think this is just ridiculous. In my opinion, China has a tendency of taking things to extreme levels and most of the time thanks to the twisted mainstream media coverage. From what i acknowledged, Chinese mainstream media likes to pick upon a certain hotly debated topic and putting it on a “trial” – the front center of social discussion and condemned it in order to create social awareness to the topic and hope audience to paying attention to the media.

    One such an example is video games in China, since 2004, online games in China had being tagged by media with all sorts of accusations from teenage violence to addiction, and when video game industry in China prove it self to be a profitable industry in recent years (yield 13 billion USD revenue in 2013), China lifted its 14 years old ban of console games in the beginning of this year and Chinese govenment even sponsor official E-sports tournament…… Chinese mainstream media’s alignment fluctuation is just something cant be taken seriously


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