Online Addiction Counselling with Hong Kong Christian Service


Hong Kong Christian Service provides online addiction counselling services to help young internet addicts regain their self-control on computer use, promote the educational messages of healthy computer use to the public and research on the issues of internet addiction on a continuous basis. The program started in 2005 and from 2006 the “Online New Page Project” has become funded by the Community Chest of Hong Kong.

Main target age group is from age 6 – 24 with their parents. Services include:
Counseling Hotline
  • 2561-0363
  • Registered Social Workers will provide follow up counseling service after receiving the hotline enquiries
  • Operating hours of the hotline: on Every Monday to Friday, from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm

Outreaching and Counseling ServiceThrough outreaching and counseling service

  • Motivate the young addicts to change and enhance their self control in computer use through outreaching home visits and counseling service
  • Assist families in handling their children’s problems on internet addiction or indulgence
  • Make referrals and help clients to seek other appropriate social resources

Online Agent Groups (Groups for young people)

    • To facilitate young people’s motivation on healthy computer use
    • To nurture young people’s interests in areas other than computer use
    • To help young people in building self control in computer use

Online Buddy Alliance

  • invite young people who have been served by the Project to join our “Online Buddy Alliance”
  • a variety of interesting and challenging activities will be organized to build up their interests in areas other than computer and to foster habits in healthy computer use

Parent Support Network

  • Help parents to develop their skills and confidence in handling their children’s internet problems
  • Help parents to relieve stress in parenting when handling the conflicts aroused from internet problems
  • Build up a mutual aid network among parents.

For more information, please visit Hong Kong Christian Service’s website here.


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